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With over ten years' experience in the Consumer Credit sector and 20 years in the debt recovery field, we have combined the best of our technology with a highly specialised team to produce Elsecredit.

The Company handling
Administration and Overall Management
Recovery and Collection
from your Customers

Our technological platform has been internally developed, incorporating the latest ground-breaking technological progress for management of this speciality: RECOVERY in both consumer and business fields.
All of this is done with online information which will let you know the state of your accounts and payment collections at all times.
We have a MANAGEMENT team specialising in international recovery.

  • We deal directly with the debtor, having no intermediaries nor associated companies, which enables us to ensure direct contact, boosting effectiveness in recovery and case processing.

  • We analyse each file in the context of the debtor's country, in order to make the debt known as clearly as possible.

We support seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and of course, Spanish.

If you have had a letter or a call from us, this could be because we are handling balances pending or debts that you have with the company referred to in the letter or the phone call received.
The lawyers at our legal department have been instructed to recover this debt. To cancel the outstanding balance you should make a transfer to the bank account stated in the letter.

It is extremely important that, after making the transfer to our account, you should
send a fax to number (+34) 93 204 53 40 with the supporting document vouching for the payment.

After receiving the fax, the processing of your case file will be considered complete and your debt cancelled, there being nothing further to claim.

Kindly remember that you can also pay by credit card through
our web page with the access codes mentioned in the letter.

If you are a company and wish to be given information about our recovery services, please
send an email.

If you are a company and wish to be given information about our recovery services, please send an email.

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